Dienstag, 27. November 2007

Valmista - FOs

Facebook ja Ravelry + neulominen syövät kaiken aikani. Tässäpä kuvia valmistuneista - niin pukinkonttiin tulevista kuin jo lahjoitetuista.

Using all my spare time in Facebook and in Ravelry, oh, and knitting. Here some pics of FOs, both for Xmas and socks I already gave away.

Hanille Cousteau-pipo. On ollut paljon käytössä. Vuorelman Vedosta, 3mm pyöröllä, 120s.

A Cousteau-hat for G, she loves it. Made of Finnish Veto-yarn of Vuorelma (15% polyamid, 85% wool) , circular 3mm, 120 st.

Cousteau-pipo isukille (tuon ekan piti oikeastaan olla, mutta siitä tuli Hanin onneksi liian pieni). 140 s. Myös Veto. Ihana, ihana petrooli. Tästä pitää vielä joskus saada takki itselle.

A Cousteau-hat for my dad (actually the first one was supposed to be, but it's too small, lucky G). 140 st. Also made of Veto. A lovely shade of petrol, I must have a cardigan of this some time in the future.

Shedir velikullalle. Neljä toistoa viiden sijaan. Tolivottavasti tykkää. Sandnes Garn Alpakka, puikot 3,5 mm.

Shedir for my brother. Hope he'll like it. Only 4 repretitions instead of 5. Sandnes Garn Alpakka, 3,5 mm circular.

Sukat ystävälle. koko 42-43, Schachenmayrin Micro tuplana (vihreä ja musta), puikot 4mm (joiden oikeastaan, kiitos SNYni lähettämän puikkomittarin, todettiin olevan kokoa 3,75 mm). 157 g.

Socks for a friend. Size 42-43, yarn is Schachenmayr Micro doubled (green and black), 4mm circular (which I noticed, are actually - thanks to the needle gauge my secret pal sent me - 3,75 mm). 157 grams.

Sukat edellisen vaimokkeelle. Belday home itseraidoittuva sukkalanka n. 60g, 2,5 mm puikot. Tarkkasilmäinen lukija saattaa huomata että jälleen yksi ufo saatettiin menestyksekkäästi ulos kaapista. Siitä toisesta ensi kerralla kun on kuvia.

Molempien sukkien malli "Sockenspass für die ganze Familie"-kirjasta, muuten sinnepäin, paitsi aloitus kärjestä.

Socks for that friends spouse. Belday home sock yarn, approx. 60 grams, 2,5 mm circular. You might even noticed that these socks were once classifies as UFO, but once again I succeeded to get some of them out of house. The other case shall be introduced next time with pics.

Patterns for both socks are from "Sockenspass für die ganze Familie"-book. I pretty much followed the pattern, except that I started both pairs from toe.

Yarn from Göttingen

Vain enkuksi- suomenkielinen versio löytyypi myös.

So finally I'm ready to post in English about some of the yarn shops in Göttingen I visited in September. They are in no special order, except that I liked the first two the most.

1) Wolle Röder, Theaterstr 25
A very nice shop, some Lana Grossa and Regia yarn, lots of brand labeled Wolle Rödel yarn. Lovely personnel and affordable prices. Lots of cotton yarn in sale. Also German knitting magazines. Open until 6.30 pm. I bought some merino for a vest.

2) Wollzauber, Kurze-Geismar-Str. 40
A very nice shop too, indeed, although offering almost only Lana Grossa and Regia yarn. They also had some Rowan yarn, but it was so new that it wasn't even in the shelf yet. I bet that might have changed since September :) Also many special + glitter yarns. I bought some more merino for the said vest and had to check the colors with the yarn I had already bought from Wolle Rödel. The lovely attitude didn't change at all, and I even got some old Lana Grossa magazines (Filati, Merino) for free!

3) Sylvester-Märten, Groner str, upstears of the shop.
Regia sock yarns. Only.

4) Handarbeiten, Gotmarstr, other side of the street, if you find the library.
Small and dark shop, open only something like work days, 11am to 1pm and 3 to 5 pm. Looks like someone collected yarn for some 20 years and is now desperate to get rid of it. Prices poorly visible, all yarn types mixed in their shelves (from floor to ceiling). Sock yarn is mainly of Regia. If you have lots of spare time, you might find plenty of interesting things. I didn't have the time..

5) Karstadt, Groner str 43-47
Regia, effect yarns, lots of buttons. Some other yarns as well. Seemed kind of expensive. Zippers as well.

6)I also saw an advertisement for Wol-Tex @ Lange-Geismar-Str. 42-43.
I only checked downstairs and got depressed by the feeling I just hopped in hennes and mauritz - cloth shop. Maybe they'd have had something upstairs..?

7)In a small import-shop at Gronerstrasse (I think) they had some skeins of wonderfully soft and expensive hand spun wool.

Also: at Lange-Geismar-Straße 49 you can find Perlenpaula if you like beads. I'm not into them, so I can't really evaluate the shop, but they seemed to be always filled with happy customers and they had lots of colors..

And the best part: all these shops are located at the old city center of Göttingen, and you never have to walk more than ten minutes between any of them.